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Envy Earrings


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Rose gold is blushing on a new generation, back in fashion, with a softer blush and plenty of possibilities. It has a subtle blush color that looks absolutely beautiful on the skin, especially with a nice summer glow. Rose gold blends well with either white gold or yellow gold, allowing women to add it into their jewelry lineup and mix and layer with favorite pieces already in their jewelry box.

These purple nuggets look like beautiful purple ice. They are a lighter-colored Amethyst with small flecks of citrine in them which adds a nice texture. These are natural stones so size and shape will vary. They are beautifully organic and natural. This Amethyst has some small flecks of Citrine in it, which add really nice texture to them and looks stunning paired with the warm glow of the rose gold.

Simple, beautiful, and easy enough to wear everyday.

Hoops are 1 inch long
Amethyst varies from 8 to 10mm
Total length: 1.75 inches

I ship via USPS within three days of payment and will be happy to combine shipping. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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