Green With Envy Earrings

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Green With Envy Earrings


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These super fun yet elegant earrings will surely become conversation pieces. The genuine chrysoprase stones are set in a lovely gold vermeil bezel and suspend striped brown and white rooster feathers All components are gold vermeil except the ear wires which are high quality gold fill and are built to last. These beauties measure about 4.5 inches long with the chrysoprase bezels at 2cm by 1.5cm.
To be called Vermeil a piece must consist of a base of sterling silver coated or plated on all significant surfaces with gold or gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, that is of substantial thickness and a minimum thickness throughout equivalent to two and one half (2½) microns of fine gold."
Called the stone of Venus, chrysoprase is the rarest and most valuable rich apple-green gemstone in the chalcedony family and was often mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewelers. Unlike emeralds, which owe their color to the presence of chromium, the bright spring green of chrysoprase is a result of trace amounts of nickel.

Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks, Roman and Egyptians to make seals, signets, jewelry and other ornamental objects because of its vivid color.

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